TWJ Facts

232323232fp733_;_nu=6_7;_44__252_WSNRCG=33_;_;_544343nu0mrjTrain Wreck Junction is driven by Nick Kardum’s dynamic lead vocals, matched with Ross Shafer’s pure country pickin’ and Chris Erbacher’s sweet soothing sounds of the steel…as they say though a band is only as good as their rhythm section and we’re so grateful to have such a solid rhythmic foundation with Joe Schettig on the acoustic guitar, Matt Sather on the drums, Boyd Bel on the bass and Gary Felder on the spoons. From the 1950s to 2012 this seven piece band flirts with all eras of country music, attracting audiences from nineteen to ninety!!! As they say “here for a good time, not a long time” we’re a fun lovin’ and free spirited combination of talented musicians that give the crowd that “true country” and we always have an epic time doin’ it!!!